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Supramor, Ferromor and Lumor Magnetic Testing for Industry

Through our partner Chemetall, Silmid are able to offer a wide variety of chemicals suitable for NDT in general industry, energy and automotive. A full overview guide can be found here with additional details below. 

White Light Application 

Black Inks 

Supramor 4 Black is based on very fine black magnetic particles in a high-flash type 1, odourless hydrocarbon carrier.  

The black particles have been selected for their high magnetic response, low coercivity and prolonged operational life. 

White Contrast Paints 

WCP 712 contrast-aid paints are made of a suspension of white pigments in a fast-drying solvent carrier. 

They provide an excellent contrasting white background when using the Supramor range of Black Magnetic Inks. WCP 712 offers matt finish, free from reflections, and assists the viewing of defects. 

Black Ink Recommended White Contrast Paint  
Supramor 4 Black  Black magnetic ink 
WCP 712 Recommended for Supramor 4 Black 


Removal of the white contrast paint after testing can be undertaken by the use of S80 cleaner. 



UV/Fluorescent Light Application  

Fluorescent Inks  

The Lumor J series includes fluorescent magnetic inks, which will fluoresce brilliant yellow-green under UV(A) light.  

Lumor is ideal for the inspection of ferro-magnetic materials, structures and components. 

Lumor J is available as ready-for-use product or can be mixed with carrier fluid or water. 

Product Description  
Lumor J Powder   Dry powder concentrate 
Lumor J (HF) Ready for use  
Lumor J (W) Powder Dry powder concentrate for water 
Lumor J40 (W) Water based fluid concentrate – Settlement volume 0.2 – 0.4%  
Lumor J50 (W) Water based fluid concentrate – Settlement volume 0.3 – 0.5% 


Carrier Fluid 

MPI Diluent HF is the type 1 hydrocarbon carrier fluid for the dispersion of Lumor magnetic particle inks.  

Product Flash Point 
MPI Dilutent HF  Approx. 105°C  




Visible Dry Powder  

The Ferromor ND range are vividly coloured magnetic particles for inspection of large components. Supplied in various colours and conforming to AMS 3040. 

Product Description 
Ferromor ND 5  Grey ready to use powder 
Ferromor ND 7 Red ready to use powder  
Ferromor ND 8 Yellow ready to use powder