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Magnetic Testing


What is Non-Destructive Testing? 

Non-Destructive Testing (often known by the acronym NDT) is a group of processes used to analyse a material, checking it for defects without causing damage to the item. 

Two of the main technologies applicable to NDT are – Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) – and through our value adding supply chain, Silmid are able to supply a wide variety of chemicals and accessories to support both processes. 

Magnetic Testing Process 

Magnetic Particle Inspection is used to locate surface and near subsurface defects in ferromagnetic materials. In a similar way to penetrant testing, there are two main methods for detecting imperfections under inspection using magnetic products: 

  • Black inks that are visible against the white of white contrast paints;  

  • Fluorescent inks that show any imperfections under ultra violet (UV) light. 

However, the magnetic testing process does not use the penetrant, cleaner/remover and developer method, instead incorporating a one part or two part method for defect detection.