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Britemor and Checkmor Penetrant Testing for Industry 

Through our partner Chemetall, Silmid are able to offer a wide variety of chemicals suitable for NDT in general industry, energy and automotive. A full overview guide can be found here with additional details below. 

Fluorescent Water-Washable Penetrants (solvent based) 

Britemor 454, Britemor 455 and Britemor 446 are a range of fluorescent, water-washable penetrants which are suitable for the detection of defects open to the surface. 

These products give crisp indications with low levels of background. They are typically used for the inspection of precision castings, forgings, machined parts and fabrications.  

All products are approved to AMS 2644. 

Product  AMS 2644 Sensitivity Level  
Britemor 454   1
Britemor 455  2
Britemor 446  3

Fluorescent Post-Emulsifiable Penetrants  

The Britemor 700 series is a new range of post-emulsifiable penetrants designed to meet the modern expectations of environmental and personal safety. Free from nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE), the Britemor 700 range avoids restrictions on transportation and makes an important contribution for protecting the environment. 

In accordance with AMS 2644 there are three different sensitivity levels available to cover the requirements of different applications. 

Product  AMS 2644 Sensitivity Level  
Britemor 755    2
Britemor 760   3 
Britemor 768  4
H92  Hydrophilic Emulsifier 

Red Dye Penetrants 

Checkmor 240 is Chemetall’s new water-washable and solvent removable red dye penetrant. This dark red penetrant is widely used in many industries for the detection of defects which are open to the surface of solid work-pieces. 

Examples are: forged parts, welds, and casts. 


Penetrant Removers/Cleaners 

S76 is a colourless solvent-based penetrant remover. It is mainly used for the removal of both visible red dye and fluorescent penetrants. It can also be used as a solvent pre-cleaner prior to the penetrant application for the removal of oil and grease. 

S80 can also be used to remove White Contrast Paints.  

S85 offers a higher flash point alternative to S76 and as such might be more appropriate in safety critical areas.  

Please note the following Flash Point values: 

Product  Flash Point 
S76   - 4°C 
S80  - 11°C 
S85   12°C 




There are two developer types available for use with Britemor and Checkmor penetrants:  

PD3 (dry powder developer) is used in conjunction with Britemor fluorescent penetrants.  

LD7 (liquid developer) is a suspension of an inert fine white powder in a quick drying solvent predominantly used with the Checkmor Red dye range but may also be used with the Britemor Fluorescent range of penetrants. 

LD9 provides a slightly thicker developer film and has been specifically developed for colour contrast paints. LD9 offers a higher flash point alternative to LD7 and as such might be more appropriate in safety critical areas. 

Product  Description  
PD3   Form A – Powder developer
LD7  Form D – Solvent based 
LD9  Form D – Solvent based