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Ardrox Magnetic Testing for Aerospace 

Through our partner Chemetall, Silmid are able to offer a wide variety of chemicals suitable for NDT in the aerospace industry. A full overview guide can be found here with additional details below. 

White Light Application 

Black Inks 

Ardrox black magnetic inks are designed for the high sensitivity inspection of ferro-magnetic materials and ensure reliable indications of surface and near-surface sub-surface defects.  

Ardrox black magnetic inks consist of black iron oxide with a controlled particle size, in a high flash, low aromatic petroleum distillate. Solid content is between 1.2 and 2.4 ml/100 ml according to ASME Code V Article 7. Ardrox black inks are used in conjunction with the Ardrox range of white contrast paints. 

White Contrast Paints 

Ardrox contrast-aid paints are made of a suspension of white pigments in a fast-drying solvent carrier.  

They provide an excellent contrasting white background when using the Ardrox range of Black Magnetic Inks (e.g. with Ardrox 800/3 or Ardrox 8032). A matt finish, free from reflections, assists the viewing of defects. 

Black Ink Recommended White Contrast Paint  
Ardrox 800/3  Ardrox 8901W 
Ardrox 8032  Ardrox 8903W 


Removal of the white contrast paint after testing can be undertaken by the use of S80 cleaner. 



UV/Fluorescent Light Application 

Fluorescent Inks 

Ardrox fluorescent magnetic inks are used for the detection of surface and near-surface sub-surface defects in ferro-magnetic materials under UV(A) light.  

Ardrox fluorescent ink is available as powder (which can easily be dispersed in a carrier oil), ready-for-use fluid or as water-based fluid concentrate. 

Product  Description  
Ardrox 8506   Brown powder suspension – ready for use 
Ardrox 8501   Ready for use fluid 
Ardrox 8544   Fluid concentrate 
Ardrox 8505 Brown powder – disperse in carrier oil 


Carrier Oil

Ardrox Base Oil HF is the carrier fluid for magnetic particle inspection, both for visible and fluorescent MT applications. This product has a flash point of approx. 105°C