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Rocol Aircraft Preservation

ROCOL can date its involvement in aerospace lubrication back nearly 100 years to when it first supplied products to Rolls-Royce for aero engines, and since then it has developed many technologically advanced products to keep the aerospace industry flying. But what if your aircraft is grounded, and therefore can’t currently fly?  

ROCOL supply a range of approved products to protect various parts of an aircraft from corrosion, and these are suitable for both flying and grounded aircraft alike. 


ROCOL AEROSPEC Protect Spray is a chemically resistant, heavy duty, wax film ideal for long term corrosion protection on exposed metal components and machinery in both indoor and outdoor storage.  

Easy to use in its aerosol packaging, the precision spray is perfectly suited for landing gear axle sleeves, hinges and gearbox casings, as well as other exposed metal parts.  


  • Airbus CML No 12ACG6 



 ROCOL PX28 and PX32  

ROCOL PX28 and ROCOL PX32 are military developed corrosion protection fluids. These both have good penetration and dewatering properties, and are free from chlorinated solvents. Both chemicals provide a heavy duty, waxy film that can be used to protect interior surfaces of aircraft skins, bare metal and certain paint systems. 

PX28 Specifications: 

  • DEF STAN 80-143 
  • Joint Service Designation PX-28 
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8030-99-657-7708 

PX32 Specifications: 

  • DEF STAN 80-83 
  • Joint Service Designation PX-32 
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8030-99-225-3835 



For machinery parts and equipment, ROCOL Z30 is available in both spray and fluid forms. This product provides a heavy duty, waxy film that is particularly suitable in extreme conditions. Like the ROCOL PX28 and PX32, the Z30 is free from chlorinated solvents, and displays good penetration and dewatering properties. 


For convenience, all fluid products can be brush, dip or spray applied. In laboratory tests to simulate the effects of corrosion in highly aggressive environments such as salt fog and high humidity, all these ROCOL products offer ultimate protection with zero corrosion on protected surfaces. This accelerated testing represents an incredible two years in the real world.