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Socomore AOG Protection 

Socomore provide a range of products to suit your Aircraft on Ground (AOG) protection requirements during long or short term storage. These products carry a number of aircraft OEM approvals and meet the necessary industry specifications as outlined below.

Short and Long Term Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds (CIC/CPC)

High corrosion protection for airframe, engines, landing gear and equipment

Socomore Wadis 24/60

A high flash point aircraft corrosion inhibiting compound that forms a powerful and protective water repellent and anti-corrosive film, displacing water and humidity.

  • For parts not exposed to the elements 
  • Compatible with mineral oils
  • Unnecessary to remove old film before reapplication

Approvals: IAE V2500, Safran (Landing Systems, Helicopter Engines, Transmission Systems and Aircraft Engines), Pratt & Whitney, Airbus, Dassault Aviation, FE, CFM International, SEA, Engine Alliance GP7000 and NATO.

Socomore Socopac 65H

A corrosion inhibiting compound that displaces water and gives long lasting aircraft corrosion protection. This homogeneous coating is suitable for use on a wide range of painted and unpainted metals.

  • Deep penetrating long term anti-corrosion layer
  • Displace moisture and build a protective barrier 
  • Tack free wax film for airframe structures and components

Approvals: Air France, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier Canadair, Dassault Aviation, EADS CASA, Rolls Royce, Safran (Aircraft Engines and Helicopter Engines), Airbus and Comac.


Temporary Protective Coatings (TPC)

For weather and scratch protection in harsh environments

Socomore Propaco SP3

A quick drying temporary protection coating (TPC) that forms an adhesive film to protect Aircraft livery during Aircrafts On Ground (AOG) period and any other surface during storage.

  • Long term livery protection
  • Paint gloss retention
  • UV protection for paint and composites

Socomore Propaco SC

A temporary protection compound quickly drying and forming an adhesive film particularly resistant to scratches, bad weather, saline or corrosive atmospheres, acid vapours, water, grease, oil and hydrocarbon spray.

  • Unpainted and primed airframe
  • Long term protection
  • Chemical and environmental protection

Approvals: DGA (French Army) and Airbus.


Complementary Products for CIC and TPC Removal

Aqueous and solvent degreasers and cleaners

Socomore Synclair AC

A biodegradable cleaner designed for fast cleaning of air vehicles, fuselage, landing gear, wheels bays.

  • Water based surfactant
  • High pressure cleaning
  • High efficiency at low concentration

Approvals: Airbus, Boeing, Air France, DGA (French Army), ATR, Airbus Helicopters, Air Canada, NATO, Pratt and Whitney, Safran (Aircraft Engines, Landing Systems and Helicopter Engines), SAE, CAAC, Textron Aviation and Thales Alenia Space.


Socomore Synclair A2 Gel

A high performance cleaner designed for fast cleaning of air vehicles, fuselage, landing gear, wheels bays.

  • Water based
  • Thixotropic gel
  • Heavy duty cleaning

Approvals: DGA (French Army), Air Canada, Boeing, SAE and Comac.


Socomore Sococlean Shine

A water-based polish that delivers a glass-like gloss and protects surfaces.

  • Solvent free
  • Does not require rinsing
  • Restores surface gloss to 90 GU (gloss units) or better.

Approvals: Boeing, Airbus, SAE and Bombardier.


Socomore Diestone DLS

A multi-purpose, powerful solvent cleaner with controlled volatility for surface preparation operations prior to paint, bond and sealant application.

  • Available in pre-saturated wipes
  • Minimise solvent consumption
  • Free from carcinogens and teratogenic components

Approvals: Airbus, Boeing, EADS CASA, BAE Systems, Bombardier Canadair, De Havilland, Dassault Aviation, Saab, DGA (French Army), Rolls Royce, Sikorsky, Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Air Canada, Air France, Pilatus, SNCF (French Railway), GE, CFM International, NATO, SAE, Pratt and Whitney, Embraer, Gulfstream, IAE V2500, Leonardo and Safran (Landing Systems, Helicopter Engines and Aircraft Engines).


Socomore Socosolv A3582

An emulsifiable and thixotropic VOC free solvent that removes CICs, TPCs, oils and greases from aircraft surfaces.

  • Water rinsable 
  • Applicable across the aircraft including landing gear, wheels, holds and undercarriage bays
  • VOC free

Approvals: Airbus, Air France, SNCF (French Railway), SAE, Boeing and ATR.

For further information on the Socomore AOG Protection range, please click here.