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Ardrox Corrosion Protection for Aerospace

Following any NDT process, steps should be taken to prevent corrosion on the airframe. The Ardrox AV range of corrosion inhibitive compounds helps to protect all places where moisture can occur: 

  • Leading and trailing edges 
  • Doors and door cut-outs 
  • Bulkhead 
  • Fuel tank 
  • Landing gear bays 
  • Fuselage floor area 
  • Fuselage crown area 
  • Lower structures, bilge areas and keel-beam 
  • Passenger and cargo doors 
  • Hull with stringers and frames 
  • Toilet area
  • Fairings, antennas and nose 

With the Ardrox AV product range you are in a position to choose between a variety of corrosion inhibiting compounds with tailor-made properties and a large number of approvals from all major OEMs. In the table below you can select the products suitable for your application. The complete range of approvals can be found on the certificate of conformity. 

Ardrox AV 8 

Super penetrating, water displacing liquid. Also as first component prior to Ardrox AV 100D. 

Approvals: AIMS 09-08-001, BAMS 565-006, BMS 3-23 Type II Class 2 Grade A, CMS CT-501, MEP 10-063, MIL-PRF-16173E (Conformance) 

Ardrox AV 15 

Super penetrating, water displacing liquid. 

Approvals: AIMS 09-08-003, BAMS 565-006, BMS 3-35, EADS/Eurofighter as MIL-PRF-16173, MEP 10-063, MIL-DTL-85054. 

Ardrox AV 25 

Penetrating, water displacing liquid for movable parts. 

Approvals: AIMS 09-08-001, BMS 3-26, MIL-PRF-16173E (Conformance). 

Ardrox AV 30 

Penetrating, water displacing liquid. 

Approvals: AIMS 09-08-002, BAMS 565-006, BMS 3-29, CMS CT-502, MEP 10-063, MIL-PRF-16173E (Conformance). 



Ardrox AV 35D 

Super penetrating, water displacing liquid with fluorescent properties. 

Approvals: AIMS 09-08-004. 

Ardrox AV 40

Penetrating, heat-resistant liquid. 

Approvals: French Ministry of Defense, Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems, Pilatus VV 0302-10, SAAB Aircraft STD 161454. 

Ardrox AV 100D 

Two component, thixotropic, long-term corrosion protection. Requires pre-treatment with Ardrox AV 8. 

Approvals: AIMS 09-08-002, BMS 3-26 Type II, MIL-PRF-16173E Type II, Grade 1 (Conformance). 

Ardrox AV 980 

Thixotropic cleaner for use with Ardrox AV range. 

Corrosion Prevention & Control

An effective corrosion prevention and control program is crucial in controlling airframe corrosion and reducing the high cost of corrosion repair and metal replacement. The application of an Ardrox AV CIC (Corrosion Inhibiting Compound) is an effective tactic for initial and on-going corrosion control. These compounds can be applied to all internal metal surfaces of the airframe (excluding the fuel tanks).   

Ardrox AV CICs are initially applied during the manufacturing of the airframe and reapplied during the service life of the aircraft at periodic maintenance intervals. Many areas of the airframe will be inaccessible after manufacture until the first “C” or “D” check is done. This usually happens at around about a four year interval. At those times it is a good opportunity to apply Ardrox AV CICs within the normally hidden areas of the airframe. It must, of course, be applied properly and effectively to achieve the desired level of corrosion inhibition.  


The purpose of an Ardrox AV CIC is to displace moisture and form a protective barrier. This protective barrier is particularly important in the areas of the highest susceptibility to corrosion, preventing moisture and condensation from accumulating in crevices, cracks, and all metal-to-metal interfaces.   

The CIC is designed to penetrate through interfaces, to form a protective secondary barrier, and prevent the moisture from contacting the metal. With Ardrox AV CIC, as with any corrosion control strategy, prevention is always better than cure.