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Indestructible Paint

Silmid stock a wide range of Indestructible Paint products, Indestructible specialise in a wide range of coating products that are used within many different sectors including Aerospace with Aero Engine and Airframe, High Temperature Resistance and Thermal Barrier Requirements, MOD, Automotive, Rail and general high performance industrial use. 

They offer a range of products for gas turbines and aero engines that include the Rockhard, Ipcote, Ipseal and Smoothseal range. We stock Low VOC coatings including the IP3 and IP6 range.  

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Indestructible have a range of topcoats that have high durability with some designed for use as both internal topcoat for aircraft structural components as well as an external topcoat.

Indestructible Primers

Silmid stock a wide range of primers including chromate primer, non chromate primer, etch primer, epoxy primers and more designed to provide excellent resistance to solvents and aircraft fluids. 

Specialty Coatings

Silmid stock a wide range of speciality coatings from Indestructible including stoving lacquer, polymide coating, temperature marking, urethane lacquer and much more, all supplied in a variety of colours and sizes. 


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View all of the Indestructible Coatings products, including activators, corrosion preventatives, epoxy coatings, surface treatments, varnishes and solvents.

Indestructible and the Aerospace Industry

Through innovation and creativity, Indestructible have engineered a variety of specialist and niche products. Indestructible Paint LTD continues to exceed customer expectations, through a speciality in manufacturing high quality, high performance materials, paints and coatings. Indestructible work closely with their client base allowing them to meet, anticipate changing market pressures and environmental issues.

They have also developed coatings to reflect many Defence Standards and MIL Specifications. This helps aids customers in solving problems they have encountered. 

Silmid are able to distribute Indestructible products worldwide. As a result of their extensive research and development they have received approvals from many companies including Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney and British Aerospace, amongst many others.