Bonderite L-GP 2404 15.88Kg Drum

Code: DAG2404158

Dag 2404 forms a tenacious dry graphite film on all surfaces.


  • Excellent high and low temperature dry film lubrication and parting
  • Finely divided graphite particles permit lubrication of fine clearances.
  • Rapid and deep penetration of porous materials
  • Dry film: no dirt or fluff attraction; no “wicking” by paper, cotton, flour or other absorbent material
  • Totally opaque coating; can be burnished or calendered to a bright appearance.
  • Residue-free: complete volatilization of graphite and its bonding agent at high temperatures after oxidation
  • Dispersion can be used for blending graphite into other fluids.
  • Low viscosity; easy blending and mixing; easy to apply


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