Ablestik 285 Adhesive & Catalyst 11 1Kg Kit (Was Eccobond)

Code: E285CT111K

ECCOBOND 285 is a highly filled, thermally conductive, thixotropic, non-sag paste epoxy adhesive that can be used with a variety of catalysts.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity - Dissipation of heat from bonded components
  • Thixotropic paste - No flow or sag even on vertical surfaces
  • Wide variety of catalysts available - Versatility of resin sustem
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion - Low stress on bonded components


ECCOBOND 285 is designed for bonding metals and ceramic substrates in heat sink applications or any application that requires a thermally conductive adhesive for thermal management. It is also useful for any application that requires a thixotropic paste adhesive and low stress bonds.


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